Mammillaria, a genus of cactus that is essential in any self-respecting succulent collection

Mammillaria is a very widespread genus of cacti and appreciated by succulent plant growers.

These cacti are easily recognizable by the splendid crown blooms around the apical part of the stem, which can be small or medium in size. These are cacti suitable for expert growers as well as novice growers. Some species, in fact, require a fair amount of experience (among these, Mammillaria luethyi, Mammillaria pectinifera, Mammillaria solisoides, Mammillaria lasiacantha, Mammillaria senilis, Mammillaria herrerae); other species are suitable for anyone (among these, Mammillaria elongata, Mammillaria bombycina, Mammillaria prolifera, Mammillaria polythele, Mammillaria uncinata, Mammillaria bocasana, Mammillaria perbella, Mammillaria mystax). The stems can appear globose, often clustered, very harmonious and in some cases covered with thick hair or very white thorns. (…)

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After one year of cultivation, the first test results on six Mammillaria in three different potting soils

The real unknown factor is represented by the two Mammillaria in the unedited soil, very rich from an organic point of view. We will see over time how their growth will be affected by this substrate. With this consideration, exactly one year ago, I concluded my article on one of the experiments that I do from time to time on cacti and succulents. In the specific case it was a test with three different substrates, in fact three types of “soil”, in which I repotted six Mammillaria hahniana obtained from a single sowing.

After the first year of cultivation, here’s how the experiment is going and here are some initial considerations. (…)

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